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and to hear about what makes any/everyone else's lives Colorful and Meaningful to them, too!!]

Monday, April 19, 2010

Return of the Tentative Blogger

HA! With help from my proficiently veteran blogger friend Sukipoet I have indeed refound my own humble beginnings here ('compleat', I see upon rereading, with an annoying repleteness of typos and half-sets of parentheses! ) Sheesh. In order not to totally embarrass myself and bring down the wrath of certain young people in my family web whose FB post spelling errors I nag THEM about, it appears I will actually have to scan what I type BEFORE hitting PUBLISH NOW!

With a bit of coaching from Suki (who kindly is first in line to be a blog-follower of mine!!) perhaps I can add some color to this page soon-- (photos e.g. ) ! I hope so. Otherwise- boooooooring!

Meanwhile- I still haven't thought through what the heck I'll use this space for AND I'm still flailing around over in FaceBookLand getting my feet wet there. Well, maybe I'm at least up to my ankles or maybe even mid-shins there I guess... but FB usage and posting there has been a recent development and I can only handle so many new cyber wrinkles at a time...

I'll be pondering... and will be keeping these blog bitz bite-sized until I have developed a better sense of focus/intent!


  1. Hey Sunflower gal, I'm right here reading yr posts. congrats. You know, personally I think you might like blogging. old pajamas thought he wouldnt but i think he likes it a lot, meeting others who love his poems which is about all he puts on his blog. Have fun is most important.

  2. I just tried and failed somehow!!!? to successfully post a longwinded ABOUT ME piece.. too many characters I was told... then when I tried to fix/edit and repost I was told the 'tag' was broken-- (whatever the heck THAT means).. so I just had to let it go to the ethers... sigh. Maybe it was because I got interrupted (gladly) by two long-winded phone calls.. maybe the time spent away from continuity keyboarding 'timed me out' of something needed to finally post the dang thing?? I DUNNO-- but I will return to trying again at a later date!

  3. HAH! When I posted my comment(above) I saw yours, Sooks... Thanks for the encouragement!!