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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Can I Really Be Doing This Blog Thing??

A sense of e-unreality sets in as I tentatively type in my first blog post. I'm extending the envelope of my tech safety zone... I'm thinking that I've set this thing up only to never be able to even find it again... I'm thinking I'm not ready to credibly pretend that I fully grok what I've created this blog FOR. Bloggery (beyond reading 'em) is something I've been 'meaning to look into'-- but (along with so many other 'meaning tos' on my list I haven't 'got to it' yet... yet here I am anyway. The reason I did (more or less inadvertantly/unintentionally do this tonight is because I was trying to figure out how to get contest entry info from a link on a friend's blog about an artistswinthishouse essay contest and one click thing led to another and here i yam setting up my own blog. Sheesh. )and I still don't have the info I set out to find... double sheesh.) Off I go in search of that now.. again... and I shall perhaps! return to post again... if I can figure out how to get to this screen again sometime! Toodles for now.

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