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Thursday, April 29, 2010


Sheesh. It has been a week of nearly daily doc rendez vouzes*!! Phooey! *(in France I learned that one schedules a rendez-vous with one's Docteur!) One thing led to another... and I have now experienced the unexpected strangeness of having a mysteriously/suddenly abcessing cyst present itself largely and sorely to be removed from my neck... leaving a Franken Woman scar with 7 stitches behind.. All healing up now.. and lab report was ok- nothing cancer-y to worry about... but meanwhile there are more appointments to come because in the midst of the pain in the neck stuff I also felt a noticeable though slight weakness and disorientated sensation on my left side- the left foot especially felt a little too vague about where it was going to go next and also felt a bit as if it was somehow sinking slightly into the floor when I put weight on it.. Odd. Possibly related to the abcess pressing on something - eg carotid?, and it (the vaguely disoriented limb feeling) went away as soon as I got going on the antibios for the infection.

NONETHELESS, the docxs want me to do stuff like EKG (already did that one and it was ok).. but also carotid eval and echocardiogram next week.. I would normally rebel but I am actually curious to knowif there is any residual evidence of a TIA-like event I experienced in'96 without benefit of insurance. Because I had no coverage I never had myself checked out, never got a diagnosis and had never even heard of TIAs back then (transient ischemic attack).. and so , for all intents and purposes I never officially had one at all. Yet, I did experience something and felt numbish and weakish and sluggish on one side for a few weeks after feeling as if a big bubble had burped inside my water cooler head one night .. und zo I am curious as to whether there is or is not any eveidence of that event detectable via these non-invasive testings. If they were invasive I wouldn't bother..!

Currently feel fine.. other than itchy stitchery in the neck driving me a bit loopy, I think all is actually Quite Well with me...but will find out a few things next week and let everyone know whatever that turns out to be..

Meanwhile-- thanks everybuddy for e-ing and awww-ing and hemming and hawing with me thru this mild ordeal. My dear Craig has gone to all the appointments with me , natch, and would have been in the surgery , too, if they'd let him be! Today we had twin dermatology appts scheduled back before the neck abcess blew itself up.. so we kept these appts for other look sees.. and (as if in sympathy) C. came home with a biopsy patch having been sent to the lab and a few stitches of his own! Whew. He doesn't seem esp concerned and neither was the doc- just enough to want to check it out a funny little spot... so we should hear back on that, too, next week!

All in all, I've now already had more appointments than I normally have in 5 years, but I think this is all heading for some interesting and informative resolution soon. Meanwhile, it turns out that it was a good thing we cancelled the Seattle journey.. we would have been on our way to Seattle when the abcess went nuts if we'd kept the intended schedule! Not fun to have had to deal with this stuff on the road-- so we are happily home and appreciating too that the 4 kitties are not in cages at their vets being boarded while all the interesting Spring weather and rain and sleet and warmth and coolth all unfold before our very eyes here in greening-up GrassLand!

OK!! More blatherings soon... these are more than sufficient for now!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Return of the Tentative Blogger

HA! With help from my proficiently veteran blogger friend Sukipoet I have indeed refound my own humble beginnings here ('compleat', I see upon rereading, with an annoying repleteness of typos and half-sets of parentheses! ) Sheesh. In order not to totally embarrass myself and bring down the wrath of certain young people in my family web whose FB post spelling errors I nag THEM about, it appears I will actually have to scan what I type BEFORE hitting PUBLISH NOW!

With a bit of coaching from Suki (who kindly is first in line to be a blog-follower of mine!!) perhaps I can add some color to this page soon-- (photos e.g. ) ! I hope so. Otherwise- boooooooring!

Meanwhile- I still haven't thought through what the heck I'll use this space for AND I'm still flailing around over in FaceBookLand getting my feet wet there. Well, maybe I'm at least up to my ankles or maybe even mid-shins there I guess... but FB usage and posting there has been a recent development and I can only handle so many new cyber wrinkles at a time...

I'll be pondering... and will be keeping these blog bitz bite-sized until I have developed a better sense of focus/intent!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Can I Really Be Doing This Blog Thing??

A sense of e-unreality sets in as I tentatively type in my first blog post. I'm extending the envelope of my tech safety zone... I'm thinking that I've set this thing up only to never be able to even find it again... I'm thinking I'm not ready to credibly pretend that I fully grok what I've created this blog FOR. Bloggery (beyond reading 'em) is something I've been 'meaning to look into'-- but (along with so many other 'meaning tos' on my list I haven't 'got to it' yet... yet here I am anyway. The reason I did (more or less inadvertantly/unintentionally do this tonight is because I was trying to figure out how to get contest entry info from a link on a friend's blog about an artistswinthishouse essay contest and one click thing led to another and here i yam setting up my own blog. Sheesh. )and I still don't have the info I set out to find... double sheesh.) Off I go in search of that now.. again... and I shall perhaps! return to post again... if I can figure out how to get to this screen again sometime! Toodles for now.