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and to hear about what makes any/everyone else's lives Colorful and Meaningful to them, too!!]

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Well, it's been some time since I've visited my own blog (I pretty much forgot it altogether, in fact) and it took quite a few shenanigans and resetting of my password and I'm not sure what else I did to get to this window where I am now typing a new post. Why couldn't I find way to post a new post without going thru all those steps!!?? Will I remember what I did to get to this window next time I check in??-- (probably not!) Strange... but no stranger than most of my on-line experiences are- especially when I am exploring in new territory without coaching... lol.

Btw, LOL (and 'words' of such ilk) constitute (still) some strange new territory for me .. I AM 'used to' lol, actually, but when reading FB posts (eg) from younger-set family members I am mostly lost and lol-ing trying to figure out what they mean to say via all their many abbreviations.. I enjoy making up possible meanings for the inscrutable acronymic letters..! ;-)

Meanwhile.. back on our ranch.. we had a lovely 'round midnight boomer storm last night soon after our lovely dinner guests left to drive home... pow! zak! Ka-pour !! YAY- we love a good sky show , though we were glad to be inside safely watching rather than caught by a fast-moving storm out in the middle of a field and some hunk of a mile from a vehicle to shelter in with zotz of lightning striking all around as our dinner guest described he and a friend had been once upon a time. Yipes! Not exactly a comforting situation to know YOU are the highest point around during a wild storm like that!

Our dinner guest's story made me think just now of myself at about age 16-17? climbing up onto the roof of the neighborhood grade school in Middleburg Heights, OH with my 'boyfriend' at the time (for about 2-3 weeks, maybe, he was a 'boyfriend'??) Anyway- he and I may have been intending to be 'practicing parallel parking' (for me to take my driver's test) up at the grade school playground. This was the excuse we gave my Mom a few times when we wanted to borrow her car, anyway. But, instead, bf and I had been seized with the inspiration that we should climb/clamber up onto the school roof (somehow?) and , once we were up there, we were promptly engulfed by a fierce thunderstorm and slashing rains!!! The winds were too severe to risk climbing down again... so we were stuck huddling together on the most rainshadowed side of a chimney or stackpipe thing of some kind on the roof of the school until the storm passed- and maybe an hour later we came back to my house with sopped car seats under us and ourselves drenched and shivering tho fortunately un-zotzed by lightning! My Mom was annoyed with me and my 'unwise' choices for not the first nor last time that afternoon. LOL.