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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

C. G. and Me

This post is just another practice run really-- I just tried adding a couple of things and find I don't know how to UN add the display of my e-addy.. drat!! (I left 'Display E-mail' UNchecked yet it has now shown up in the FB badge I added! Sheesh.. the complexities escape me and my patience is thin at the mo to seek further 'Help' info (which never seems to help ME, anyway!)

I also want to make a note to myself here that I intend to return to post a longish piece I wrote once upon a time for a writing group exercise.. I recently came across this piece AND ('coincidentally') a C. G. Jung quote that relates well to the piece.

Herewith the quote (as teaser?) to the piece posting to be returned to later/soon:

C. G. Jung ....

"We meet ourselves time and again in a htousand different guises on the path of life."

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